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Breakfast seminar - Realise your product ideas!


What are the most important features of the product? How do I get them to work every time, and one hundred per cent? How small can the board be? How do I get the software to interact with the electronics? What components should I choose? How do I create an appealing design? What legal requirements do I need to consider? How many units should I make? Who can produce my product to the right price? What should my manufacturing contract contain? How do I optimise the distribution? And so on...

At Swemake we are experts at helping you find out the answers to all these questions. Swemake was formed in the beginning of 2014 and is already in full swing with the realisation of the first products to customers. We report on two customer cases and share our experiences about the challenges and opportunities of product development and production procurement.

We offer you a light breakfast, and are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and interesting case studies with you. Welcome!

There will be room for indivudual meetings after the presentation where we can discuss your projects in more detail.


Welcome to sign up here: http://simplesignup.se/event/46475-breakfast-seminar-realise-your-product-ideas

Om Puls Solutions

Puls Solutions finns därför att vi vill förändra världen kring hur man arbetar med medarbetarengagemang. Vi erbjuder en AI baserad engagemangsplattform för att skapa rätt förutsättningar för en god arbetsmiljö och ett högt medarbetarengagemang. En plattform som är chefens bästa vän. Vår plattform gör medarbetarna delaktiga, avlastar cheferna och hjälper dem att prioritera och implementera förbättringar som leder till ökat medarbetarengagemang och ökat affärsresultat. På riktigt.


Christian Carlsson
Christian Carlsson